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Client Success Stories

“I finally feel liberated!”

Although no one can predict the future, especially the price of Bitcoin, I feared that one day I would wake up again and see Bitcoin trading at 10X or even 100X higher than it is now!

I missed the 2017 Bitcoin price surge due to bad financial advice, and I did not want to take that chance again, especially now with a 10-year track record. I have more faith that Bitcoin will reach $400k before it ever reaches $0.

New Standard IRA has positioned my IRA, so I buy Bitcoin directly at any time I want without asking anyone for permission. The company also lowered my IRA custodial fees, and best of all, I was able to open a Bitcoin Roth IRA account without having to deposit a large sum of money to get started, which gave me peace of mind.

“Thanks again, New Standard IRA. I am excited about my future and growing my Bitcoin account tax-free in a Roth IRA account, where I call the shots.”

Joshua M.

Austin, TX

“You and your company have exceeded my expectations throughout this process.”

It was a little intimidating setting up this whole LLC arrangement and transferring large amounts of money into accounts opened up by mail, e-mail, and voices you don’t know over the phone. However, you and your team were there every step of the way.

The entire process was efficient, competent, and expeditiously executed. I will be recommending you without reservations. You should feel good working for this kind of company.

“Please give my thanks to Josh and the rest of the team on my behalf. And most importantly, thanks for being there!”



Why Time Is Of The Essence?

Bitcoin may be one of the best, if not "THE BEST," assets ever created that allows you to truly diversify your IRA asset portfolio, grow your wealth and store your economic energy.

Bitcoin is a digital asset that exists in network that offers portability, security, easy access, and liquidity for ALL investors worldwide ... but that is only part of Bitcoin's story. When you combine Bitcoin with the favorable tax benefits inherent in an IRA, you can invest in Bitcoin tax-deferred and in the right circumstances, tax-free ... However, to do that ... "you first" must set up your IRA in "the right way." Otherwise, it can cost you thousands in fees.

Revealed in our free, easy-to-read guide, we give you the secrets, structure, and strategy "you-need-to-know" to start investing in Bitcoin with your IRA. The New Standard IRA, maximizes your control, gets ride of red-tape and reduces your fees.

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Who Are We?

We are financial educators and facilitators liberating YOU from the red-tape and burdens of traditional IRA investing.

Investing in assets, like Bitcoin in a traditional IRA brokerage account, can be complicated, expensive, or downright impossible!

Our company has 17 years of experience setting up the New Standard IRA. The New Standard IRA allows "you" to seamlessly control and the FREEDOM to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on your OWN terms "In An IRA ... 'YOU' Control."

By moving even a portion of your IRA funds to a New Standard IRA, you can unshackle IRA, cast off restrictions, limitations, endless transaction fees, and asset-robbing feesFOREVER! And, the best part, when you want to buy Bitcoin in your IRA, neither your broker nor your custodian can never tell you NO! ever again!

We help you "flip the script" on these faceless third parties. Our Bitcoin IRA solution, removes the most common roadblocks, restrictions, and dated buying frameworks that don't serve you and shackle your IRA. The New Standard IRA liberates your IRA investing experience and eliminates the onerous fee structures that over time rob you of your full earning potential. We give you the FREEDOM to maximize the growth potential of the investments held in your IRA! Talk soon!


This guide and any other material we produce are exclusively for educational purposes ONLY. Before considering any investment, please consult your tax or financial advisor to review your unique financial situation and goals. We are NOT tax advisors or licensed financial advisors.

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